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What is the engagement for a pastry chef?
It is the choice and the requirement to work only with seasonal products. Indeed, in recent decades, it has been possible to acquire many fruits outside their original ripening period. However, this type of production is most often harmful to the environment (energy impact for growth, environmental impact for transport).

In addition, these same fruits do not benefit from the taste and nutritional qualities of those grown and harvested in accordance with natural conditions. It is for all these reasons that Mendel's favors products that respect the rhythm of the seasons.

Mendel's does not use any natural or synthetic flavorings. Indeed, all the creations are composed of ingredients selected with the greatest care for their exceptional taste quality. For example, desserts with a delicious caffeinated taste are made with real Brazilian coffee beans, some delicacies assert their personality through the robust flavor of authentic ones or the integration of the famous pistachios from Bronte gives pistachio macaroons a unique flavor.

It is this whole quest for authenticity that makes the quintessence and the reputation of the House.

Our mission

At Mendel’s, we have a passion for new projects, new challenges. What define us is this passionate and avant-garde way of making pastry, our thirst to offer unique and homemade products. Giving more to a demanding customers and make you experience only the best.

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