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Paris Brest Pistachio

The famous Paris Brest Pistache of Mendel's, a delicious spring accord between the sweet, slightly bitter note of pistachio and the tangy and fragrant scent of almonds pâte a chou. The pistachio mascarpone cream contrasts with the crunchiness of an Infinitely Pistachio praliné 100% pistachio. 

When Mendel's Paris slide itself to your table, it is the whole universe of tastes, sensations and pleasures that can be found, associated with expertise and pastry knowledge. Mendel's desserts offer an exclusive gourmet experience all year. 

Available in individual or bigger size only in order at the shop.

allergies : Milk, eggs, gluten, fish gelatine, pistachio, Almonds. might contain traces of other nuts.  

Paris Brest Pistachio
Paris Brest Pistachio

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