« Un enfant de la Montagne » literally means “a child of the mountain”. Théo Romer was born in the picturesque Savoie, a region of France where the Mont-Blanc lies. It is known to be part of the Alpes, for its tasty cheeses and wines. Théo is known for his incredible spirit and quickness; attributes named by all his colleagues, who often say that they have never seen anyone doing their work like Théo does. 

In his first years of the career in Annecy, Théo learned the importance of hard work. While working with chocolate in Grenoble he found what he truly aspired to specialize in. The material of Théo’s choice is chocolate; it gives possibility for both culinary and artistic expressions. He is what we call a Chocolatier, which makes him an expert with everything that has to do with chocolate.  His creative and artistic side, and inspiration from the French and Nordic cultures have often resulted in memorable show pieces, Easter eggs and more.

While still obtaining his pastry education in Grenoble, Théo got the opportunity to visit Norway. It is during this time that his working style got noticed, and  before finishing school he got offered a pastry chef position at Sebastien Bruno. He then became the Production Manager, and had the responsibility for the production of the eight shops in that time. This experience has strengthen his skills in Pastry giving him as well the possibility to understand the Norwegian's taste for cakes.

Théo has a mathematical mind. He is often exploring the technical and chemical side of pastry. His natural talent for numbers led to the fascination with finances, and therefore he has a strong and clear knowledge of both pastry and business; two elements that are essential for running our pastry shop.