Was born in Morocco and lived there until his family moved to Paris, France when he was 11 years old. According to his Parents, he was a creative, curious kid and constantly needed to be stimulated. He thought first about pursuing art studies, because of a passion for photography. His parents worked both as chefs and his passion turned towards pastries.


He ended up, however, graduating with a diploma in management and finance, before coming back to his first love and studying to become a pastry chef. After his Master degree in France, he moved abroad and started his career of international pastry chef. 


To challenge himself, Younes worked at some luxury houses like F.Flandrin in France or The Royal Navy club and Harrods in London. Chance made him to Norway years later, where he worked at Pascal Konditori, got the mission of the Parisian macarons department, that’s also why he’s also called MacaronMan after the TV show on TV3. He got the talent to work with the greatest chef in the world.

All those years of experience in various countries, travels, his education as both a pastry chef and management, his talent for photography, his influences between high level French gastronomy and his homeland, Africa, led to the opening of Mendel’s Oslo in 2020 where he was finally free to let his creativity express itself and create his own way of Pastry. Younes is also be the R&D developer and creation for the future products and new work concepts.

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